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Gifted students

Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in intellectual, creative, social or physical domains.  Gifted students will have outstanding natural abilities, called aptitudes, in at least one of these domains and demonstrate abilities well ahead of their aged peers.  Talented students are those whose skills are above average in one or more areas of performance.


Typical characteristics of gifted students may include:

  • Superior reasoning and outstanding problem solving abilities.
  • Persistent intellectual curiosity, often asking searching questions
  • Has a wide range of interests, often of an intellectual kind.
  • Uses a high level of written and spoken vocabulary and is interested in subtleties of words.
  • Shows insight into arithmetical problems that require careful reasoning and grasps mathematical concepts readily.
  • Shows creative ability or imaginative expression in music, art, dance or drama. 
  • Sustains concentration for lengthy periods and shows outstanding responsibility and independence in classroom work.


Students may have been identified at primary school and already undergone specific testing in one or more domains. 

At Ferny Grove State High School we use data from a range of sources so that students are identified and supported with appropriate strategies. 


Once identified, differentiation for Gifted and Talented students involves Extension and Enrichment.

Extension deepens students’ knowledge, understanding and skills through problem-solving tasks, use of digital tools and resources. Flexible grouping is offered in English, Maths and Science in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 with Extension subjects and links to University courses in Years 11 and 12. 

Enrichment broadens the curriculum and students are offered opportunities to develop and apply their knowledge, thinking skills and attitudes on topics of personal interest.  At Ferny Grove, Gifted and Talented students participate in courses linked with The University of Queensland to include topics such as Critical Thinking, Design Technology, Creative Writing, Philosophical Thinking and Marine Biology. 

Accelerated Progression

Accelerated progression to a higher year level curriculum, either in one or more subjects, or for the full curriculum, may be appropriate for highly gifted students.  At Ferny Grove we will work with parents and other education professionals to ascertain the best course of study for individual students.

For more information, please contact Kylie Ferdinands, Head of Department.

Head of Department
Learning Innovation
Phone 3550 5763