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2019 Laptop and BYOD Programs


Ferny Grove State High School has a well-established School Laptop program for our current Year 7 to Year 12 student cohort. Our school infrastructure, policies and most importantly our curriculum is continually undergoing renewal to ensure that we are able to deliver the highest quality service to your child. Online learning environments are being established to ensure your child has access to their learning 24/7, 365 days a year. Our programs support educational needs and are designed for students to maximize their learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Mobile technology devices will help our school engage the digital generation by nurturing individual learning experiences.

In 2019, Ferny Grove will be complementing our school laptop program with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. The BYOD program will be available for students who are: 


  1. Newly enrolling or
  2. Are not part of the school laptop program or
  3. Will have an out-of-warranty laptop from the school laptop program in 2019.


BYOD will provide:


  • More device choice.
  • More direct parental control of devices.


Students and parents/caregivers are asked to lend their support to these very valuable and innovative programs. Strong support from parents and caregivers is paramount to ensure the programs are successful and that students gain the maximum benefit.

These pages will be periodically updated with information relevant to the program.

If you have any questions please contact the School IT Department:


IT Administration: (07) 3550 5727

IT Manager, Gavin Walters: (07) 3550 5758

School laptop order cut-off dates

There will be only one order placed this year for the 2019 School Laptop Program. This is due to the high amount of logistics involved with multiple orders.

To be part of the 2019 School Laptop Program we require the order form to be received by 14 September 2018 at the very latest, and the first instalment fully paid by 19 October 2018.

No late order forms can be accepted this year.

If the cut-off dates are missed you will still be able to join the BYOD Program.

Please Note: Some parents of newly enrolling students have already returned a laptop order form from their enrolment packs. 

There is now the opportunity for those parents to change from the School Laptop program and select BYOD if you so choose. 

To change to BYOD we must receive the BYOD Charter Agreement by 14 September 2018. If the school does not receive a BYOD Charter Agreement by this date, we will process your school laptop order form.

If the school does not receive a form for your student by 14 September 2018, we will assume that:

  • Current students, on the school laptop program with an out-of-warranty laptop - will continue using their existing laptop.
  • Newly enrolling students and current students not in the school laptop program – will not be using a device, or will choose the BYOD program at a later date.

School Laptop and BYOD Program Administration Fees

Both programs will incur an Administration fee of $75 per student each year. This cost is invoiced separately at the start of the school year. This fee is to cover the costs of certain software licences, technical support and administration costs.

2019 Program​ Available to choose Available to
Choice 1

Laptop Program
Until 14/09/2018


First instalment must be fully paid by:

19 October 2018.

Newly enrolling students

·       ​ Current students who are 

      not part of the laptop 


·        Students on the laptop 

      program, who have an out-of-warranty laptop

​Choice 2 

BYOD Program
​​From now and throughout 2019

·        Students currently without a school-issued laptop.

·        Students with an out-of-warranty laptop

Choice 3 -

Laptop program -
Continue using existing laptop (out-of-warranty)
When laptop warranty expires and throughout 2019 Current students in school laptop program who will have an out-of-warranty laptop in 2019

Parents/Caregivers – All options require a form.

Please fill out the appropriate form according to your choice above, and return it to the main office as soon as possible – by 14 September 2018 at the latest.

Choice 1: School Laptop Program

  1. Select a laptop to purchase from the Laptop Order Form 2019. Return the completed form and Laptop Charter Agreement to the main office by 14 September 2018.
  2. Upon receiving the completed order form, the school will invoice the parent/caregiver to enable payments to be made.
  3. As the price of laptops fluctuate every month, the cost of the device will be split into two instalments.

    First instalment: Due by Friday 19 October 2018 (Price as per chosen laptop option).

    Second instalment: Remaining cost. Due by Friday 16 November 2018.

    The cost will be determined once a price has been finalised at the end of October.

  4. If all payments are complete by 16 November 2018, a laptop will be provided to your child within the first 2 weeks of the start of Term 1 2019.

Ownership of device:

  • As per the Charter, the school maintains ownership of the device until the end of the agreement so that we can legally install our school software, as well as manage warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) claims.
  • At the end of the agreement or if the student leaves the school, ownership will be transferred under a Private Treaty arrangement.
    • ​​The device must be returned to the IT Department for post-loan processing where the licenced school software and all existing data is removed, and the device software and operating system is restored to its original factory state.
    • The asset will then be disposed to the parents for $1 (already included in device cost).
    • At this point, ownership is transferred and any remaining ADP coverage may be able to be transferred. The school will pass on the cost of any small fees (currently Acer $25/Dell $0).
  • We recommend purchase of a new device once it is out of warranty.

Choice 2: BYOD Program

  1. Read the student BYOD Charter, then complete and return the BYOD Charter Agreement 2019 to the main office (Refer to cut off dates on page 1 if you are changing your mind for a 2019 Year 7 student).
  2. Purchase device via a supplier portal from the school website:
      • ​OR Purchase a device directly from a retail outlet with school provided minimum specifications;
      • OR Use an existing device that meets school provided minimum specifications.

    Detailed device preparation steps, software requirements and on-boarding instructions will be provided by and of Term 4 2018.

    Device minimum specifications

    All students’ devices which are purchased for use in the school will be required to pass through the IT department to ensure it meets the minimum specifications and is able to be set up for use within the school’s network.

    The minimum specifications provided reflect those of devices that are able to be purchased by the school so will ensure parity with minimum specification devices purchased via the current school laptop program.  Ferny Grove SHS technicians will make every effort to enable connectivity of devices which meet these minimum specifications, assuming there are no technical or other issues outside of their control.

    Choice 3: Continue on school laptop program using out-of-warranty laptop

    You may continue to use your current laptop only if the device is still in good working order. If your laptop becomes unserviceable mid-year, you will need to join the BYOD program and purchase/provide a new BYOD device.

    For further details on the 2019 School Laptop Program refer to the Laptop Charter and Laptop Flyer.

    For further details on the 2019 BYOD program refer to the BYOD Charter 2019.

    Vendor purchasing portals

    Ferny Grove State High School has worked with a number of vendors to make purchasing portals available for parents. These portals include a range of devices and accessories. Devices offered on these portals meet the schools minimum specifications. Extended 3 year warranty, Accidental Damage Protection are options available with some of the devices on the portals. 

    Using these portals is optional, the school does not endorse or recommend any particular brand of device and parents are free to purchase from any vendor of their choice. Please refer to the Acer, Dell/DatacomJB-Hifi Education and HP links under the 'Related Links' section on this page.​​