Ferny Advanced Sporting Teams


​Ferny Grove state High is proud to announce a new sporting program for 2020 and beyond. This innovative program is available for students entering Year 7 in 2020 and will continue through Years 8 and 9 with identified pathways into Years 10-12.

This program will initially give students the opportunity to select FAST as a subject, with a specific focus on TOUCH FOOTBALL. The FAST subject will focus on developing our region's elite junior sports people with a skill and knowledge platform from which they can maximise performance.


To build a culture of character, integrity and the importance of and being an outstanding student, both physically and mentally, through: 

  • providing students with opportunities to build advanced skills, technical and strategic awareness, strength and conditioning in an environment that consistently sets high expectations.

  • nurturing a culture that values and enacts self-discipline, goal setting, personal development, leadership, time management and teamwork.

  • developing the well-rounded athlete who values both physical and mental performance in order to become the best possible athlete.

  • providing pathways for gifted students in the field of sports through partnerships with expert facilitators in real world settings.

  • providing all aspiring incoming athletes with a sound platform for high levels of competency of skills for all sports, fitness, strength, psychology, nutrition and leadership.

Program Overview

  • Students will commit to being part of the FAST program for the whole year, as opposed to HPE that runs for 6 months each year.

  • Foundation focus on complimentary skills for all sports – which allows the FAST program to be relevant for all athletes.

  • Three sessions per week.

  • Weekly strength and conditioning sessions with qualified personal trainers.

  • Embedded sports psychology  and sports nutrition sessions.

  • Expert coaching in touch football.

  • Students have the opportunity to acquire refereeing and coaching qualification.

  • Expectation that students will be available to represent Ferny Grove SHS and the FAST program at all competitions.

  • A commitment to high levels of effort and behaviour in ALL subjects to ensure their continuation in the FAST program. 

  • Review of performance at the end of each term – students not meeting expectations will not be able to continue in the program, with participation reviewed at the end of each semester. 


Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be of an acceptable playing/physical standard and be prepared to work   

  • hard to reach their full potential

  • A proven excellent record in attitude effort and behaviour in a school community and the ability to maintain this

  • The ability to work in a team and a willingness to accept constructive feedback to improve performance

  • A willingness to promote and exemplify the values of the FAST program

  • Compete in all competitions during the year at the discretion of the coordinator

  • The financial ability to meet the costs of the FAST program

Final selection will be made using information gathered from application, Physical trials and an interview.

1) All applicants will complete initial written application for expression of Interest 

2) Physical screening​

This will be held during Term 4. Applicants who are successful in the written component of the application will receive an email advising them of screening dates.

     Fitness testing​                               Game Play

- Glycolytic Agility                       -    Skill

- Speed (20/40/60m)                 -   Teamwork

- Beep Test                                -    Leadership

                                                    -    Gameplay & awareness

3) Interview 

Successful applicants will be given written confirmation of acceptance into the program.


Applicants need to be aware that there is a cost for this program which is $200.00 per year. This cost covers:

  • Playing/training shirt
  • Entrance to at least one competition as part of the FAST program
  • Discounted entrance into the ARANA Touch Football competition when participating as a member of FAST program teams
  • Subsidised refereeing and coaching qualifications
  • Access to qualified personal trainers
  • Regular external coaching sessions conducted by Gary Madders ( former Australian Touch Football coach)
  • Use of sport science and technologies such as fit bits, GPS trackers and filming equipment ​for performance analysis.
  • Regular visits from elite athletes.​
Last reviewed 06 August 2020
Last updated 06 August 2020