​Curriculum Overview

The information Technology faculty offers students at Ferny Grove State High School an enormous range of learning options. Our courses have been specifically designed to enhance and develop both knowledge and skills for life-long learning. We endeavour to prepare our students to live in a constantly changing environment and enable them to manage both their personal and professional lives in a proactive way. We believe that our courses from the junior to the senior school enable our students to have an enhanced understanding of their broader environment on all levels.

Junior Curriculum

Year 7 Foundation IT (FIN)

Students study this subject for one term during Year 7. By incorporating a range of software programs, we enable students to develop skills which they will be able to use to determine their interest and skills for the main areas of Information Technology which are: Multimedia generation/use and Programming. Examples of this software are: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Photostory and Ulead Video Studio.

Year 8 Business & IT (BIT)

Students study this subject for one term during Year 8. By incorporating a range of software programs, we enable students to develop skills which they will be able to use across all subjects studied throughout their secondary education. Examples of this software are: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Paint.Net and Kompozer (webpage creator).

Year 9 Foundation IT (FIN)

The topics offered in this subject, assist in the development of our students understanding of basic and various business procedures. Students are given the opportunity to develop a range of interpersonal skills with a broader application to both personal and work life skills. Specific computer software skills include the development of word processing and spreadsheet programs. Student are also given the opportunity to run their own business ventures involving the manufacturing, marketing, and managing of a product in order to make a profit using the business skills learnt during the elements of the course.

Year 10 Foundation IT (FIN)

Technology education plays a vital role in preparing students to appropriately respond to technical advances and to shape technological futures. Foundation Information Technology is designed to introduce students to a variety of software, multimedia and digital media to create products for specific target audiences.

The course includes a range of topics including graphic design, expert systems, robotics, animation, website design and basic programming.

This subject prepares students for senior studies in Information Processing and Technology, Information Technology Systems and Information and Communication Technology in Years 11 and 12.

Senior Curriculum

Information Technology Systems (ITN)

Authority Subject - The units studied in ITN assist students in developing important multimedia development skills as well as providing students with an understanding of the importance of successful integration of a wide range of technology for business purposes. A core element of this subject is analysis of clients, designing of solutions and communication. A pass in Year 10 English is recommended to enrol in this subject. The main software package taught for this subject is Adobe Creative Cloud – Master Collection, including Fireworks, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere.

This subject incorporates well with most subjects to support careers in Information Technology and other areas. ITN should be considered a required subject for any student interested in technology based areas or business and communications.

Information Processing & Technology (IPT)

Authority Subject - IPT coursework covers creating solutions for everyday problems using a range of different programming languages.  The main focus of this subject is developing students’ understandings of the processes of successful problem solving and logic. Programming languages used in the course are not able to be higher than 4th generation computer language. Some of the languages used in the course are VBA, HMTL5, CSS, Lego MindStorm, Pascal and SQL.

This subject is a suggested course for any student wishing to work in the information technology industry.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Authority Registered Subject – Students will learn how to think critically and constructively in situations and practices involving computers and associated technologies. They will learn the skills needed to participate in creative work, practical problem solving and communication through a variety of media. Some of the study areas include: Document Production, data management, website production, online communication, animation, and digital imaging.

The subject Information and Communication Technology will provide you with opportunities to explore, experience and learn knowledge and practical skills that are highly valued across work, business, government, education and leisure contexts.

The dedicated Information Technology staff are committed to offering our students the latest in software, hardware, procedures and application to the real world of Information Technology. As a team, our aim is to equip our students with a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of and information technology processes which they can utilise in a diverse range of areas.

Should you require further information, please contact Mrs Angela Dawes on 3550 5777

Last reviewed 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020