Pastoral Care Program


​Student wellbeing builds a foundation of success by embedding social and personal competencies across all facets of school life, incorporating a healthy lifestyle of good nutrition and exercise. 

Our Years 7-12 program supports the social development and participation of young people which will:

  • actively support students in developing personal identity, self-esteem and a positive self-image.
  • assist students to develop sound relations and empathy with others.
  • construct learning experiences in which students assess and plan their personal futures.
  • support students by providing appropriate pastoral care across a range of activities.

Junior Secondary

Years 7 and 8

Years 7 and 8 students undertake 'The Learning Curve' Student Wellbeing Program which focuses on a holistic approach to student learning, wellbeing and development in the following areas:

  • study techniques and approaches
  • career and time management
  • thinking skills and tools
  • examination and revision skills
  • personal health and safety
  • pastoral care and self-esteem
  • general knowledge and useful information

Year 9

Year 9 students undertake The Rite Journey, a unique educational program designed to support the development of self-aware, vital, responsible and resilient young adults as they move from childhood to adulthood.

The School’s Role is to:

  • acknowledge and celebrate the students’ transition from childhood to adulthood
  • offer a mentoring program
  • provide physical, emotional, social and mind challenges
  • reveal to students how gender is constructed
  • allow students to share their dreams and doubts
  • provide an alternative model of healthy adulthood
  • genuinely listen to students and hear them
  • give them time

The five Rite Journey Outcomes:

  • connection
  • consciousness
  • communication
  • challenge
  • celebration

All five outcomes are found within each term’s focus:

  • relationship with self
  • relationship with others
  • relationship with mind
  • relationship with the world

Senior Secondary 

In Senior Secondary our pastoral care program is referred to as Access.  This time is dedicated to a range of topics and activities.

Year 10

Year 10 covers a range of topics such as first aid, career information, subject selection information and how to best prepare for Years 11 and 12, making appropriate subject choices.  Students are also exposed to range of topics though guest speakers that cover topics such as personal safety, drug and alcohol abuse and health issues.

Year 11

Year 11 is a time to consolidate information technology skills through the implementation of a Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology.  Students are also exposed to guest speakers from outside the school community to address issues such as cyber-safety, driver safety and personal safety.

Year 12

Our students working towards an Overall Position must participate in the Queensland Core Skills preparation lesson, and the students not working towards an OP work on a vocational certificate – Certificate II Workplace Practices.  In Term 4 Year 12s have a range of guest speakers who cover topics about personal safety, ‘schoolies’ week and life after school.

Last reviewed 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020