Carnivals - Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming


​​​​​​​Carnival and Representative Selection

Ferny Grove SHS holds carnivals for swimming (Term 1), cross country (Term 2) and athletics (Term 3). The carnivals are vibrant days that have participation of everyone as their priority.   Students are encouraged to dress in the colours of their house, making the days colourful as well as noisy. 

There is a serious element as well.  Individual event and Age Champion honours, as well as the ultimate prize of being crowned “Champion House” provide for fierce competition.  The carnivals are also where our teams are selected to compete at the District competitions. 

Being held on school days, attendance is compulsory.

Swimming Carnival 

The Swimming Carnival is usually held early in the year.  Having no access to a swimming pool for HPE lessons, we are heavily reliant on ‘Club Swimmers’ to make up the bulk of our representative  team.  Other than the medleys and 100m Freestyle, all events are 50m. 

We do not ‘pre-nominate’ for events.  The number of heats is determined by the number of swimmers presenting at the marshalling area.  Faster swimmers and those interested in going to the District competition are requested to swim in the first two heats.  All lanes and heats are timed.

Two competitors for each event are nominated to go to Districts, usually 1st and 2nd in each event.

Cross Country 

The Cross Country event is held early in Term 2 .  Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 negotiate the course in HPE classes prior to the event.  This is to both familiarise runners with the course, and discuss strategies to successfully complete the run, depending on the fitness level of the student. 

Students run a true cross country, including a series of hills, varied terrain and a creek crossing (usually wet!). The course is around 3.8km in length.

Years 7 – 9 run together, followed by Years 10 – 12.

The cross country is a compulsory activity for all students to complete, even if they walk the course.

Ten competitors from each age group are nominated to go to the District Cross Country event.

Athletics Carnival

The Athletics Carnival (Track and Field) is held towards the end of July.  Discus, triple jump and 1500m are held prior to the carnival day (for safety and logistics considerations).  Again, the emphasis is on participation, often with six heats of 100m in each age group.  The Champion House is usually decided by the relays, the winner invariably the one which has the greatest number of people participating.  

Four runners are selected for the 100m to compete at Districts, and two competitors in all other events.

Competition and Selection Policies for District and Region Carnivals

  • Normally, students must participate in our carnivals to be selected in our representative teams. 
  • In the case of ‘legitimate’ absence or sickness, a direct nomination to the carnival organisor as an ‘extra nomination’ may be made.  Inclusion is dependent on space in the event and comparative time or distance achieved. 
  • Such times / distances are to be achieved in competition at a club or other event.  Verification from an official is required. 
  • Swimmers and athletes may nominate for events not included in our carnivals (e.g., 5000m run, 100m butterfly …).  Verified times / distances from a recognised competition will be needed.
  • In some circumstances, a student may be allowed to “challenge” a selected competitor for their position.  In this case the challenger must not only defeat the opponent, but also the time / distance achieved at the carnival.  The right to challenge is solely at the descretion of the Sports Coordinator. 
  • Student must be present on the day of the carnival to become ‘Age Champion’

Ferny Grove SHS has a proud history in all carnivals, and has not been defeated in cross country or athletics in District competition in over 12 years.   Should a student be selected in a team based on his or her performance in a school carnival, there is an expectation that they will compete in the Ferny Grove SHS team at the respective District carnival. Students also compete under the banner of Ferny Grove SHS if they are selected to attend a Metropolitan North carnival for swimming, cross country or athletics.

Participation in Metropolitan North carnivals is invitational, and students are encouraged - but not expected - to participate in these events.

Last reviewed 11 July 2022
Last updated 11 July 2022