Vocational education


​Vocational Education in schools

VET in schools is about gaining practical work-related skills to equip students for the world of work while they are at school.

Most Queensland secondary schools offer VET certificates within the Australian Qualifications Framework, Australia's system of nationally accredited vocational education and training. Schools generally offer VET at Certificate I and II levels, and some schools also offer Certificate III qualifications.

VET in Years 11-12

Schools can offer VET through:

  • Stand-alone AQF qualifications

    As a Registered Training Organisation Ferny Grove State High School can deliver qualifications currently  on their scope of registration. The schools complaints and appeals policy can be accessed here.  This specifically relates to Vocational Education delivered by Ferny Grove SHS.

    Students may also access other qualifications through TAFE and private VET providers.

Vocational Education Coordinator

My name is Donna Manley and I am the Vocational Education Coordinator at Ferny Grove State High School. My main role is to assist the students at Ferny Grove SHS with sourcing school based apprenticeships and traineeships, work experience placements and places in the TAFE Schools Program. I also monitor the students while they are participating in these activities.

I have had considerable experience working with young people, parents, employers and industry organisations. In previous employment I have been responsible for the facilitation of career information to students and schools. I have completed a Diploma of Career Guidance and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

I am currently at Ferny Grove SHS each week from Tuesday to Friday. Students can make an appointment to see me through the office before school, morning tea or lunch time. Parents are more than welcome to attend appointments or alternatively I can be contacted on 3550 5728.

What are School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SATs)?

Doing a SAT can be a great start to a young person’s career. SATs allow students to work with an employer as a paid employee whilst studying for their QCE and working towards a nationally recognised vocational qualification. Students benefit from hands-on experience and on average work one day per week. They are paid for the time spent at work. SATs can be undertaken in a wide variety of occupations eg hairdressing, fitness, aged care, automotive, hospitality, carpentry, tourism, business, cabinet making, information technology, child care etc.

A full range of students are selecting this option as part of their senior years. Students who are OP eligible and planning for tertiary study, students who will be looking for employment on completion of year 12 and students who would have left school without completing Year 12 are all finding SATs have benefits for them.

SATs can be sourced in a number of ways, often it is through word-of-mouth, part time employment and work experience.

I would also like to invite any parents who are able to offer any opportunities through their own business or place of employment to contact me. I am more than happy to supply further information or to meet with you to discuss what is involved. ​​​​​​​​

Last reviewed 16 June 2022
Last updated 16 June 2022