​The Payment Window is located at the rear of the Administration block and is open to students daily before school from 8.00am until school commences, and during first break only. Parents/carers may make payments at any time between 8.00am and 3.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We accept the following methods:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • credit card (not by phone)
  • direct deposit. Our BSB is 064 171 and our Account No is 0009 0029. Please ensure you enter your student's EQID No. as a reference so that payment can be applied against the correct account.  The EQID No. can be found on your student's timetable, their ID card or on any financial statement sent to you by the school.
    Bpoint (see below explanation)
  • QParents (see below explanation)
  • Centrepay (Business Reference Number: 555 070 341 K)

Our preferred method for payment of fees, excursions and activities are:  


There are two payment options through Bpoint, you will need your emailed invoice for both, these are:

  • open the invoice attachment and click on the BPOINT hyperlink on the bottom left hand corner of the invoice.  This will ensure your payment is directly matched to your account and all required information will prepopulate for you.  If you are part paying an invoice, please change the amount you wish to pay before entering your payment details.
  • by phoning BPOINT on 1300 631 073 and using IVR (Interactive Voice Response). You will need the CRN, invoice number, payment amount and your credit card details. At the end of the call you will be provided with a unique payment receipt number. Please note that we no longer accept payments over the phone in accordance with DET guidelines. 

The CRN and Invoice numbers can be found on the invoice in the bottom left hand corner as shown in the below image. ​



This is an online portal which stores all your student information in the one place. The app for smartphones makes it very simple to use with access to all invoices at the one time. You are able to make partial or full payments of any invoice you like. Please refer to our QParents page for further information.


Payment Plans/Financial Hardship

If you are finding it difficult to make payments on your account please contact our

 Accounts Receivable Officer on 3550 5777 or email this form to: to arrange a payment plan. You can negotiate with us on the amount, frequency and number of payments included in the payment plan. Once arrangements have agreed, an email will be forwarded to you with a link for the payment plan. Complete the link to register for the direct debit/payment plan and nominate a credit/debit card or bank account. A confirmation email detailing the agreement will then be forwarded which requires the link to be activated. This will then confirm the agreement. The following day, the school will receive a report confirming the registration for the payment. An email reminder will be sent out the day before a charge is due to be debited from a bank account or credit/debit card.

For all invoice queries please contact our office on 3550 5777 or email the finance department:

Debtor Statements

Debtor Statements are sent out at the end of each month to assist parents/carers to track their current invoices. Please do not use a Debtor Statement BPOINT link to pay an invoice. Please use the BPOINT hyperlink on the original emailed invoice to make a payment or use QParents.

Last reviewed 22 February 2023
Last updated 22 February 2023