German Immersion Program


Open the Door to a Bigger World!

The German Immersion program at Ferny Grove State High School offers students an exciting opportunity to develop a very high level of German language proficiency through learning the regular curriculum in German. It is the next best thing to students living in a German-speaking country.

German Immersion

How does it work?

Students learn exactly the same curriculum as other students during Years 7, 8 and 9 in German.

Core subjects include:

German, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Health and Physical Education (HPE).

In Year 10, students continue to learn Science and Humanities in German, and begin the Senior German course.

Additionally, the German Immersion electives across the 4 year course include Agriculture, Art, Design and a STEM unit.

An Exciting Exchange Program

Towards the end of Year 10, students have the opportunity to travel to Germany on a three-week exchange program. Students stay with German families, attend school and tour Germany.  We also host German students from these schools early each year.  Our two partner schools are Schiller Gymnasium in Muenster and Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich.

Benefits of the Program

  • Students acquire knowledge of the German language to a high level and experience the rich variety of German culture.
  • It enhances intercultural knowledge through interactions with German speakers.
  • It boosts understanding of English literacy
  • It opens doors to study and career opportunities, especially in Europe where German is the most widely spoken language.
  • It enhances flexibility of thinking, problem solving and critical thinking skills through learning the curriculum in German.
  • It promotes persistence and risk-taking in learning.
  • It provides opportunities in Year 12 (after completing Senior German in Year 11) to study German Extension, which also contributes to an ATAR.
  • Students can study with other German language students from around the world through the Partner School of the Future Program (PASCH network).  Fully-funded scholarships to Germany are awarded annually to two outstanding Year 11 students.
  • Opportunity to sit the 'Fit in Deutsch 2' examination, an examination conducted globally by the Goethe Institut, to demonstrate German language ability against the common European benchmark A2.

Graduates of the German Immersion program have traditionally achieved well and are highly motivated students.

How do I apply?

Parents of interested students indicate their interest in Year 6 by completing an Expression of Interest for Enrolment Form (PDF, 4.5MB) and a German Immersion Expression Of Interest Form​.  Upon acceptance of your enrolment application and completion of an enrolment interview, you will be contacted by a member of the Languages Faculty to arrange a German Immersion interview. Students are selected on the basis of the interview, their primary school results and recommendations by their primary classroom and language teachers. Successful applicants are motivated students and are above average academically. Students are expected to commit to the program for three years.

Please note Applications for the German Immersion program close at 3:00pm on Friday 11 June, 2021. 

For more information, please call the Languages staffroom on 3550 5863, or the Head of Department on 3550 5861. 

Last reviewed 02 March 2021
Last updated 02 March 2021