​Welcome to the English Department at Ferny Grove State High School.


Years 7-10


English is a compulsory subject in Years 8-10.

The general aim of English is for students to continue to develop their ability to use the language effectively and appropriately for a range of purposes and in a variety of situations. Students are mainly assessed through writing, speaking and reading tasks.

In each year level, students will be expected to read/view a range of literary, mass media and everyday texts. These include novels, short stories, drama scripts, poems and film or television programs. In addition, students are required to write/construct their own texts, including short stories, letters, essays, feature articles and news reports.

At Ferny Grove, students are generally placed in mixed ability class groups for English, although a limited number of extension classes accommodate students who have proved themselves committed and capable of tackling more complex tasks. In addition, we are occasionally able to offer support (Impact) classes for students who find the core work of the course very difficult. 

Years 11 & 12

In Years 11 and 12 students are required to study either English or English Communication. A ‘Sound Achievement’ in at least one semester of one of these subjects enables students to meet the literacy standard which is a prerequisite for a Queensland Certificate of Education.

English - Years 11 & 12

English is an ‘Authority’ subject which contributes to a student’s Overall Position (OP) score at the end of Year 12. In addition, a ‘Sound Achievement’ in senior English is a prerequisite for many tertiary courses.

An academic subject, English involves the in-depth study of literature, media and other texts. Students are assessed through written and spoken tasks; by Year 12 students are expected to produce assignments of 1200 words and speeches of 5 minutes in length.

English Communication - Years 11 & 12

An alternative to English is the ‘Authority-Registered’ subject, English Communication. This subject does not contribute towards a student’s OP Score, but aims to improve communication skills – especially the types of communication required in leisure, community and workplace environments. At the same time, this subject incorporates the study of some literature and media texts. Students are assessed through a variety of short written and spoken tasks, and real or simulated workplace tasks.

English Extension

Students entering Year 12 have the option of studying English Extension.  This is in addition to the subject English and students must have completed two semesters of English in Year 11 to be eligible.  English Extension is a course which is more challenging than English and involves a detailed study and application of literary theories and literature.

Co-curricular activities

Apart from various speaking and writing competitions, which are advertised to students throughout the year, the main co-curricular activity offered through the English Department is Interschool Debating. Each year, Ferny Grove State High School registers a number of teams to compete in the Queensland Debating Union (QDU) competition.

Debating is a great way for students to develop their abilities in reasoned argument and public speaking. In addition, debating builds self-confidence and promotes teamwork.

Students who commit to interschool debating work with their team and team coach to prepare debates on a variety of topics. Debates take place on Wednesday nights and the initial heats involve each team debating against other Brisbane schools four times. Teams which win three or four of their initial debates progress to the preliminary finals and finals rounds.

Last reviewed 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020