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Willkommen Zur FGSHS Sprachenabteilung!

Selamat Datang di Departmen Bahasa! 

Language skills and cultural sensitivity will be the currency of (the new) world order.  Our future prosperity and security will depend on our ability to understand these cultures and build bridges to the citizens of these nations and all our immediate neighbours.  If (our) future is to be one of peace and prosperity our kids will need a capacity to engage in a dialogue with others of different cultures and creeds.  And that applies within Australia and abroad. (Major General Peter Cosgrove, 2002).

Ferny Grove State High School offers students the opportunity to develop language skills and cultural sensitivity across a number of programs.  German and Indonesian are taught through regular Junior and Senior secondary programs and the German Immersion Program.  Students are also supported by the school with the study of other languages through the Brisbane School of Distance Education or Cairns School of Distance Education.  Ferny Grove State High hosts students through the International Students Program and receives students annually from Yoshiwara High School in Japan as part of a study tour.

Our Languages programs are highly regarded:  Ferny Grove State High School is a Regional Asian Language Centre and is a PASCH school, one of four schools in Australia to be part of the global network of schools teaching German.

Subjects/programs covered by our faculty include:


Guten Tag! Gruezi! Grüß Gott! Moin Moin! Ferny Grove State High School has a strong and valued German program.  From Years 7-12 students are offered the opportunity to delve into the linguistic and cultural world of the German speaking countries of Europe, building on their language experiences in primary school.

The four specific skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking are developed in a variety of class room activities, based on a thematic approach.  Some topics covered in our German program include:

  • health
  • shopping
  • daily routine
  • environment
  • history
  • film
  • travel
  • equal rights
  • school systems
  • youth and family

German students also have the opportunity throughout the year of participating in a variety of language activities/outings such as The Audi Festival of German Films, Oktoberfest for Teens, German Day Out, Ferny Grove Middle Schooling Languages Poetry Competition, which foster cultural awareness and understanding.

Why study German?

With one of the strongest economies in the world and the leader in many areas of technology and culture, German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.  Careers in engineering, science, business, tourism, foreign affairs, journalism, travel, trade, the law and politics can benefit from knowledge of German.  Australian culture has also been influenced through early German settlement.

PASCH - Schools: Partners for the future

Ferny Grove State High School is proud to be one of 1000 partner schools in the worldwide network of PASCH – Schools: Partners for the Future.  This initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office is aimed to awaken young people’s interest in and enthusiasm for modern-day Germany and German society. The program is also dedicated to creating and strengthening ties with German speaking people across the globe via online networking and international language camps.

As one of only 4 such schools in Australia, the PASCH network offers the German teachers and students of Ferny Grove State High highly valuable professional development, scholarship and cultural activity opportunities.

Benefits for Senior Students:

  • opportunity to study German Extension in Year 12 (additional ATAR eligible Authority subject)
  • All Year 12 German students are eligible to enrol in one university subject in Year 12 (HECS free)
  • Scholarships available through the PASCH program.  

German Extension

German Extension is available in Year 12 to students who achieve a B+ standard or better in Year 11 or have completed year 12 German in year 11 in the 3 year German Immersion Program.  Mainstream German students must continue with their language studies in Year 12 and may drop one other subject to do German Extension.  Students who have completed the German Immersion Program will only study German Extension in year 12.  German Extension focuses on practical use of language in all areas of work and social life.  Major topics are Media & Technology, Literature, Business and an Area of Specialised Interest.

An Exciting Exchange Program

Towards the end of Year 10, students travel to Germany on a 3-week exchange program. Students stay with German families, attend school and tour Germany. We also host German students from these schools early each year. Currently our exchange is with Schiller Gymnasium in Muenster. 


Why Study Indonesian?

Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of over 240 million people, is the fifth most spoken language in the world.  As a unifying language, Bahasa Indonesia is the common link for over 300 culturally and ethnically diverse groups who inhabit over 3,600 islands across the archipelago.

Geographically, Indonesia is our closest neighbour and plays a crucial role in Australia's future.  Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia will contribute to a greater understanding of the Indonesian culture and traditions for our mutual benefit.

Bahasa Indonesia is used throughout the archipelago in all spheres of government and public life, including education, health, engineering, trade, commerce, law, foreign affairs and mass media.  Currently our bilateral defence and border co-operation relies upon bi-lingual Australian and Indonesian employees.

Long-term benefits:

  • Development of cultural sensitivity and understanding of our neighbours
  • Enhancement of employment skills and improved international employment opportunities.  


Indonesian is offered from Years 7 to 12.  All students study a language for one term in Year 7 and one semester in Year 8.  After that, Indonesian is an elective.  For study in Years 11 and 12, students would be expected to have studied Indonesian in Years 9 and 10.  The Year 11 and 12 course is not a beginners' course.

The course aims to develop students' language proficiency in Indonesian whilst concurrently learning about the traditions, religions and cultures of the Indonesians.Students will learn to adopt a cultural sensitivity to customs though they may differ from their own.

What is studied?

Topics covered include study of:

  • advertising
  • consumerism
  • school & school exchanges
  • music & the arts
  • employment and work
  • Indonesian cultures, traditions and religions
  • adolescence
  • health, sport and recreation
  • current affairs
  • environmental issues
  • tourism and hospitality

Last reviewed 31 May 2021
Last updated 31 May 2021